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SpacePAL Storage Boxes and Storage Rates

SpacePAL delivers to you a wide range of FREE boxes selected to accommodate a variety of household items. We supply high quality QR coded boxes to ensure your things are safely and securely stored

SpacePAL - Everyday BOX

Everyday BOX – We store for $5 per month

This sturdy twin cushioned storage box is ideal for smaller or heavier items such as books, crockery, and tools. This is a standard box size for professional removalists.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 403 x 301 x 330 mm
40L box capacity

SpacePAL - SpaceBOX

SpaceBOX – We store for $6:50 per month

Our number one storage box. A robust twin cushion box that provides excellent space and protection for a wide range of household and business items, including decorations, kitchenware, baby gear, promotional items, and much more.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 580 x 387 x 350 mm
80L box capacity

SpacePAL - Tea CHEST

Tea CHEST – We store for $7:50 per month

This versatile strong twin cushion storage box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items, including small appliances, bedding, wardrobe, plus camping, sport and more.  This is a standard box size for professional removalists.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 431 x 406 x 596 mm
100L box capacity

SpacePAL - File BOX

Archive BOX – We store for $4 per month

A strong all-purpose storage and archive box. Fast assembly with no tape required. Double thickness base with built in carry handles and hinged lid. Designed for storage of manilla folders, paperwork, account books, tapes, DVDs or other archival materials.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 390 x 306 x 260 mm
30L box capacity

SpacePAL Picture BOX

Picture BOX – We store for $6:50 per month

A durable storage box ideal for small and medium sized pictures, canvasses, mirrors, paintings or table tops.  For ultimate protection, wrap your item in paper, bubble wrap or other protective packaging.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1040 x 75 x 775 mm
60L box capacity

SpacePAL Utility BOX

Utility BOX – We store for $9:50 per month

A tall durable upright storage box with side handles for easy lifting.  Ideal for storing golf and other sporting equipment, garden tools, tall and long household items, and promotional material.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 450 x 300 x 1150 mm
150L box capacity

SpacePAL Porta ROBE

Porta ROBE – We store for $15 per month

A sturdy twin cushion storage box with a fold-down front flap. No folding of clothes necessary, hang directly onto a steel rail.  Ideal for storing tall, large and bulky clothing with easy transfer between wardrobes. Great commercial solution for theatre, modelling and photo shoots.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 595 x 476 x 1106 mm
300L box capacity

SpacePAL Porta ROBE

Bike BOX – We store for $15 per month

A strong durable storage box for transporting and storing bikes and bike parts. Recognised as the removals industry box of choice for transporting bikes.  This heavy-duty box is also great for storing well wrapped large art or table tops.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1700 x 200 x 1030 mm
350L box capacity

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Storing Your Own Boxes with SpacePAL

Yes, we also collect and store your own boxes as long as they are sturdy and safe to transit and store.

  • Your Small Boxes (40L box capacity) – We store for $5:00 per month
  • Your Medium Boxes (40-80L box capacity) – We store for $6:50 per month
  • Your Large Boxes (80-100L capacity) – We store for $7:50 per month

How this works – We deliver QR coded Storage ID Tags for you to attach to your own boxes to store.  We can then use our storage system to track and trace your boxes using SpacePAL’s market leading storage technology.

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