The safe and secure storage of our customers possessions, safety and the highest level of ethical standards are fundamental values for SpacePAL

SpacePAL Prohibited Storage Contents or Services

The safe and secure storage of our customers’ possessions, the safety of our SpacePAL team, and operating at the highest level of ethical standards are fundamental values for SpacePAL. Therefore, we cannot store the following Prohibited Storage Contents and Services on behalf of our valued customers;

• All perishable goods, or;
• Any item which is damp, emits fumes, smells or odours, or;
• Any radioactive materials biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a dangerous or harmful nature, or;
• Any toxic, flammable or hazardous goods, or any other items, the possession, usage, or storage of which may be dangerous or detrimentally affect any stored contents, or;
• Semi-liquid foods in glass containers and non-perishable food unless packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin, or;
• Storage contents and storage units containing mould, mildew or similar microorganisms, or;
• Liquids, chemicals, including household cleaners, or;
• Plants, birds, fish, other animals, or any other living thing, or thing that was living (excluding taxidermy), or;
• Fireworks, combustible or flammable materials, liquids or compressed gases, including but not limited to, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, artificial fertiliser or cleaning solvents, or;
• Storage units containing storage contents with a replacement value greater than $2,000 per storage unit, or;
• Antiques (breakable and fragile) or precious, semi-¬precious metals or stones, jewellery, currency, ivory, precious metals or stones, or;
• Stocks and other debt and equity securities, or;
• Explosive and general weapons, ammunition, or weapon parts, or;
• Sharp knives or other kitchen implements unless the blade is fully protected with a suitable material, or;
• Specialised equipment with electronic and/or fragile components, or;
• Services or merchandise that promote hatred and violence against specific groups of people, or;
• Any illegal substances, items, or services that you are not allowed to possess or store under applicable law.

At our discretion, SpacePAL staff may inspect any storage that we suspect does not adhere to our Terms of Use, or if we are required to do so by government, local authorities or court order. Inspection may also occur if it’s necessary for account or warehouse maintenance, or in an emergency to prevent injury or damage to persons or property.

In the event SpacePAL discovers Prohibited Storage Contents or Services in our storage facilities, we will contact the impacted customer, notify relevant authorities, and immediately organise the safe removal and disposal of this storage.

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