Minimum Packaging Requirements

To ensure the secure transit and storage of your valued possessions, and the safety of our team, SpacePAL may refuse to collect storage that does our Minimum Packaging Standard, including packaging that;

  • Is not in good condition, not sturdy, overstuffed, or not adequately sealed or closed, and unsuitable for transport and storage of stored contents, or;
  • Contains fragile storage contents that are not thoroughly bubble wrapped in multiple layers and carefully packed, or;
  • Own supplied boxes that are not double walled, exceed 100L capacity, or with one side or more that is greater than 600mm, or;
  • Suitcases or carry-on baggage that are not in good condition, or;
  • Musical instruments that are not packed in hard cases, or;
  • Bicycles that are not securely packed in a SpacePAL Bike BOX or fit for purpose Bike Bag, or;
  • Skis, snowboards, surfboards, or golf clubs that are not packed in an appropriate Space BOX or fit for purpose travel carry bag or hard travel case, or;
  • Printers, Monitors/TVs (Up to 55 inch), and other electrical equipment that are not packaged in their original or fit for purpose packaging including polystyrene interiors, or;
  • Any bin bags, plastic bags, laundry bags, and canvas bags, or;
  • Storage Units over SpacePAL's maximum 20kg weight (Storage Unit and Storage Contents combined weight), or;
  • Any Storage Units containing Storage Contents listed in SpacePAL’s “Prohibited Storage Contents or Services” Summary.

Packing Tips

We provide a range of high-quality SpaceBOXES to protect your valuable storage.  Please utilise the following advice to assist safe and secure packing of your SpaceBOXES or own boxes;         

  • Sort like items before packing. This makes it easier to check out specific SpaceBOXES or Own Boxes later when you need like items. i.e. Xmas decorations
  • Ensure the bottom of the SpaceBOX is securely taped to provide a secure and safe packing base.
  • Pack heavier contents in the bottom of the box to provide a solid base for contents.
  • Fill the extra space in the box using butchers paper or bubble wrap. A good way to make sure that your goods are well cushioned is to have approximately 6 centimetres of packaging material all around. You can return unused SpacePAL packaging supplies so there is no risk of ordering too much or overpaying.
  • Many products such as electronics, including TVs and monitors, are best stored with their original packaging including polystyrene foam inner protection.
  • Ensure all SpaceBOXES and your Own Boxes can close easily and are tape sealed on top. Your storage can be damaged if a box is bulging or out of shape. There are tape guides on every SpaceBOX to help you out.
  • Never pack damp items for storage and always place SpacePAL dry cell's in boxes to minimise the potential for moisture damage.
  • And remember always practice safe manual handling and lifting when packing and moving your storage.