Our On Demand BOX Storage is from only $4-00 per month!

Download our NEW On Demand Storage App, store with SpacePAL, and you only pay for actual storage space used with our by the box storage pricing. Plus, we come to you to drop off FREE storage boxes and return to collect or re-deliver the boxes and items you select using our app. Box Drop Off and Storage Collection are FREE across the Inner Sydney City region. 

There’s no heavy lifting, no wasted weekends getting to storage lock ups or packing a mobile POD on the street.  And yes, we also collect and store your own boxes and other lifestyle items with our app.We’ve reinvented on-demand storage to create the flexible, affordable and convenient storage Sydney city apartments, homes and businesses need.


Simply download our app and choose a convenient time for our SpacePORTER to drop off your FREE SpaceBOXES, and packing supplies.


Once you’re packed up, we’ll collect your boxes and other items from 7am to 6pm Mon to Sat, with an afterhours service up to 9pm.


Your storage is securely housed and protected by our SpaceCOVER loss and damage protection, and you only pay storage by the box or item.


Book a time that suits via our app and a SpacePORTER will deliver requested boxes and other items back to you. We also deliver Australia wide.

Use our revolutionary NEW storage app to save time and money

Use our app to access your SpacePAL account from your smartphone or tablet 24/7 and have ultimate control and visibility of your storage. Imagine storing your boxes, surfboard, golf clubs, bike, musical instruments, business archives, tools, monitors, books and more, and being able to order their return delivery of the items you select, to where and when you need.

Download SpacePAL’s app to;

Download SpacePal App

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Why Sydney City is changing to SpacePAL

We're Sydney Wide - Here is our Inner City Coverage Zone

We come to you. Our SpaceVAN’s are on the road between 7am-6pm Mon to Sat to drop off your FREE boxes to pack, and then collect or re-deliver the boxes and items you select on our app.  If you are too busy during the day, we provide an afterhours service from 6pm-9pm, Mon to Sat.

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Storage That Fits Busy City Living and Business

SpacePAL makes it easy to store and access items taking up valuable space in your apartment, home or business. It’s for all those things that you don’t want to throw out but no longer have space for. Think: sporting equipment, musical instruments, business archives, books, and more. Maybe you’re off travelling or moving into student accommodation and need to temporarily downsize. It’s the smarter, secure and affordable way to keep living in the City without drowning in clutter.

Really Glad I Found SpacePAL!

I needed storage for a handful of boxes, not a whole storage unit that would cost upwards of $120/month. Spacepal gave me the flexibility to store as much or little as I want, and the price reflects that. It’s really easy to use the app and order empty boxes to fill, and really easy to get them picked up.I like knowing they will be delivered back to me when I no longer need the storage, or if I need an individual box back for a time, for only a small fee. Owen was very friendly and helpful, and made the process altogether very painless. I’d thoroughly recommend using Spacepal!

Made My Holiday Easy

This was such an easy way for us to store extra items while we were away and had our house on AirBnB. SpacePAL picked up our boxes a couple of days before we left, and delivered them back the day after we got home.

Easy and Affordable Office Storage

I got free storage boxes delivered to my city office. They were collected and checked into storage a week later once I packed. I organised everything on the app. I can view my stored boxes and select the ones to be return delivered. Not expensive with monthly by the box and item storage rates. Friendly service. Well done SpacePAL…