Frequently Asked Questions

What We Store

Are there a range of SpaceBOXES to suit my needs?

Absolutely. SpacePAL provides eight handy SpaceBOX formats including Picture BOXES, Porta ROBES, and Bike BOXES.  Utilise our small, medium and large SpaceBOXES to capture cost savings as we only charge storage by-the-box from $4-00 per month.  Plus, all SpaceBOXES are supplied and delivered free of charge to in-zone service areas, within normal operating hours.    


What should I consider storing in my SpaceBOXES?

The opportunity to declutter your valuable space is limitless.  You can practically store any items in our small, medium and large SpaceBOXES, including;

  • Personal Effects – Shoes, Boots, Bedding, Linen, Photos, Winter Sports Equipment
  • Household Goods – Pictures, Books, Magazines, DVDs, Gaming, Ornaments, Kitchenware, Planters, Appliances, Electronics, Christmas Decorations
  • Baby and Kids Stuff – Toys, Clothing, Sleepwear, Nursery Gear
  • Garage Stuff - Power and Hand Tools, Garden Tools
  • Camping Gear – Tents, Outdoor Cooking, Bedding, Food Storage, Hiking Boots
  • Sporting Stuff - Equipment and Accessories, Fan Gear, Boating and Fishing, Motorbikes
  • Clothing - SpacePAL PORTA ROBE BOXES are ideal for hanging and retrieving Winter and Summer clothing and costumes when needed
  • Bikes – Bike Bags, SpacePAL BIKE BOXES and our temporary check out option make it easy to store and retrieve your racing, off road or BMX bikes when needed
  • Air BnB and Rentals - Declutter your property for the Renting and House Sharing revolution
  • Business – Documents, Promotional Material, Merchandise, Inventory, Office Supplies and Equipment
Can I store my OWN BOXES with SpacePAL?

Absolutely!  Store one box or store more!  We use our Storage TAG system to pick up, store and return deliver the OWN BOXES you select using our app.  

We apply a monthly pay-per-box storage rate for small (Up to 40L), medium (40-80L) and large (80-100L) box sizes from only $4-00 per month.  Please use our Storage Calculator - Other Items to Store - Own Boxes to estimate your monthly storage cost based on the type and number of boxes stored.  Please contact us if your boxes are over 100L capacity and we will provide a storage quote.

Simply use our app to have us drop off the number and type of Own Box ID TAGS you need and attach these to your boxes before storage pick up.

We collect any unused Storage TAGS during storage pick up.  Storage charges only commence once your boxes are picked up and checked in.

Space constrained RETAILERS and OTHER BUSINESSES are finding this service very useful as a smart and affordable way to free up space.

Handy Hints for Storing OWN BOXES

  • Save time, order a One Stop Check In so our Driver can deliver your required Storage TAGS, help you attach these to the right boxes and and pick up your boxes for storage in one visit;
  • You can determine if you require a small, medium or large Own Box Storage TAG by measuring and calculating the Box Volume Capacity (L) = Box Length (M) x Box Width (M) x Box Height (M);
  • See our Minimum Packaging Requirements for guidance on packaging standards SpacePAL can accept and some handy packing tips.
What other items does SpacePAL store?

SpacePAL also stores Everyday Items that don’t fit into our SpaceBOXES, including;

  • Sporting Equipment - Bikes, Skis, Snow Boards, Surfboards, Golf Clubs, Kit Bags
  • Luggage - Suitcases and Carry-on Bags
  • Musical Instruments - Woodwind and Brass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Kits
  • Screens - TV's and Computer Monitors up to 55"

Handy Hint - Order a Temporary Check Out if you just need your golf clubs back from storage for a weekend round.  We deliver your clubs to where you need and then pick up and return them to storage when you're ready.   

To ensure safe transit and storage these items need to be bagged, in their hardcase, original or other purpose fit packaging, and must not exceed 20kg.

Please see our Minimum Packaging Requirements for guidance on packaging standards SpacePAL can accept and some handy packing tips.

Does SpacePAL store furniture and large items?

We do pick up and store single, queen and king mattresses. Please contact us if you require storage for other residential and commercial furniture items.


What can't I store with SpacePAL?

To ensure the safety of our team and customers stored items, we do not store any illegal or controlled substances, hazardous materials, liquids, perishable, or living items. For more information, view our Prohibited Storage Contents and Services List.

We do not store boxes or other storage items over 20kg or furniture, but please speak to us about some great removalists and furniture storage providers in Sydney.

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