Frequently Asked Questions

Storage and Security

How do I know SpacePAL is my trusted guardian?

We’re glad you asked. The security of your storage is our top priority. That’s why…

  • We use our door to door Track n Trace technology to monitor your individually QR coded SpaceBOXES and Storage TAGS that are attached to your stored items during transit and storage;
  • Your items are stored in secure commercial grade storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and security monitoring;
  • Stored items are only opened if you request a Storage Check, or for repacking when the 20kg weight maximum is exceeded, or when there is a risk of damage to storage or injury to our team;
  • We value online security and privacy with total protection of all personal and credit card information. Check out our Privacy Policy;
  • All SpacePAL employees been screened with a National Police Check and are experienced operators.
Can I visit SpacePAL's storage facilities?

With SpacePAL, you’ll never have to visit a storage facility again. Blocking public access to SpacePAL's storage facilities ensures total security for our customers.  Simply use your SpacePAL app 24/7 to schedule a storage supplies drop off, storage pick up, or return delivery of the boxes and items you need.  We do the rest.

Does SpacePAL provide damage and loss protection?

Yes - Standard SpaceCOVER is complimentary and provides up to $150 damage or loss protection per SpaceBOX or Other Stored Item during transit and storage.  Just make sure your stored items are listed in your online storage catalogue, meet our minimum packing standards, and are not listed as Prohibited Storage Contents and Services to be protected.

When packing your SpaceBOXES or Own Boxes, please ensure fragile items are securely packed using bubble wrap and paper stuffing. Let us know if you need us to arrange extra packing supplies for you. These will be dropped off with your SpaceBOXES and Storage TAGS to assist packing.

Can I buy additional SpaceCOVER if needed for higher value Items?

Yes - For a small monthly charge, SpacePAL also offers extra SpaceCOVER damage and loss protection of up to $300, $450, and $600 per SpaceBOX or other storage item. You can adjust your level of SpaceCOVER for all storage holdings using your app user account.  Also, many home and contents insurance policies may provide cover during storage, so it is recommended you contact your insurer to clarify.

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