Frequently Asked Questions

Referral and Promotions

Does SpacePAL have a referral program?

Yes, you can earn a great storage discount for you and your friends by simply referring SpacePAL. Simply ask your friend to input your unique "Referrer Code" when they sign up and both of you then receive a $25 storage discount when your friend spends their first $100 on monthly storage with SpacePAL.   

What about volume discounts for when I have a lot of storage?

Absolutely, you will receive 5% discount off your monthly storage bill when you spend over $175 per month on storage with SpacePAL.

Does SpacePAL offer senior citizen and student discounts?

With pleasure. All students and senior citizens receive 5% discount off their monthly storage charge with SpacePAL. Simply input the following voucher codes when you are entering your next storage supplies order using our app to qualify.

  • Student Discount Code - STUDENT
  • Senior Citizen Discount Code - SENIOR

Please note that SpacePAL may contact you to validate eligibility for these discounts.  


Will SpacePAL run seasonal promotions?

Definitely. To help with spring cleans, summer revivals and winter sports, be sure to watch out for our promotions on SpacePAL's homepage, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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