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Can I return my used SpaceBOXES after I have unpacked them?

Of Course. We’ll pick up used SpaceBOXES for re-use or recycling dependent on condition. These collections are dependent on SpaceVAN availability and can only be conducted in-zone during normal operating hours.

Please email or phone us to organise a pick up.

What happens if SpacePAL discovers prohibited items in my storage?

SpacePAL must ensure all customers storage contents are stored safely and securely, and not compromise the safety of our community, team or brand. Any storage containing Prohibited Storage Contents or Services will be extracted and disposed of at a cost of $75-00 per SpaceBOX or other storage item. Additional disposal charges may also apply dependent on the content discovered.

SpacePAL's Packing Tips

We provide a range of high quality SpaceBOXES to protect your valuable storage.  With up to two weeks to pack and catalogue your storage after your storage supplies drop off, you can schedule packing time into your busy life.

Please utilise the following advice to assist the safe and secure packing of your SpaceBOXES, or your OWN BOXES.

  • Sort like items before packing. This makes it easier to check out specific boxes later when you need like items.
  • Ensure the bottom of the box is securely taped to provide a secure and safe packing base.
  • It’s best to pack heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.
  • Fill the empty space of the box using butchers paper, bubble wrap, or enviro wrap.
  • Don't pack boxes to be heavier than 20 kilograms. To ensure team safety, SpacePAL will repack overweight boxes.
  • Ensure all boxes can close and are well sealed on top. Your storage can be damaged if your box is bulging or out of shape. There are "Where to Tape" guides on every SpaceBOX to help you out.
  • Never pack damp storage and always place SpacePAL Dry Cells in boxes to minimise the potential for moisture damage.

Check out our Minimum Packaging Requirements in our Packing Guide.


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