Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is SpacePAL On Demand Storage?

SpacePAL has re-invented on demand storage. Our customers can now store one box or more without leaving their home or business.

Customers use SpacePAL's Storage App to arrange delivery of their FREE SpaceBOXES to pack and ID TAGS to attach to other items to store, then to schedule their storage pick up, and when ready schedule the return delivery of the stored boxes and items they select.

Storage is only charged per box or item from $4-00 per month.  There’s no heavy lifting, no wasted time and you only pay for the storage space that you use.

SpacePAL's effortless end-to-end service has made storing simple, convenient and affordable.

How do I sign up for SpacePAL?

Simply download the SpacePAL app on iPhone Google or Android. You then have 24/7 access to your stored items on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It’s easy to set up your secure profile, estimate storage costs, schedule convenient packing supply drop offs, storage pick up's and storage return, view your stored items in your online catalogue, and manage your payment options.

Why is SpacePAL better than Storage Unit Facilities and Mobile POD Storage?

With SpacePAL, you'll never visit a fixed storage unit again, pack your mobile POD on the roadside, or forget what you have in storage.  Plus, SpacePAL is the cheaper storage option because we deliver free storage boxes, provide free storage collection with complimentary SpaceCOVER protection. And, we only charge storage by-the-box or item so there’s no more paying for space you just don’t use.  You can store one box or store more with SpacePAL.  

We also conveniently return deliver your selected stored items anywhere in Australia. 

Our easy to use app and door to door service has made storage simpler, more convenient and affordable.  Plus, you can track your stored boxes and items every step of the way.

Where and when does SpacePAL operate?

We specialise in servicing high density and inner city apartment, business and student locations.  Our In-Zone service areas include Sydney's CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower Northern Beach's.  We can service other Sydney suburbs as well as return delivery across Australia. Check out the locations we serve on our Sydney Coverage Map.

Our operating hours are: 7am -6pm Monday to Saturday.  We also offer an after-hours service from 6pm to 9pm Monday to Saturday.

You can schedule your packing supply drop off, storage pick up or return delivery using SpacePAL's 24/7 app.

SpacePAL terminology. What is a...?

SpaceBOX – SpacePAL supplies a range of FREE individually QR coded storage boxes so you can safely pack, track, and trace your stored items every step of the way. 

Other Storage Item – these are the other items you require SpacePAL to pick up, store and return (that are not packed in SpaceBOXES) such as YOUR OWN BOXES, sporting equipment, musical instruments, baggage and monitors.    

ID TAG – these are SpacePAL's QR coded storage identification tags that you attach to your Other Storage Items to enable SpacePAL to accurately track and trace your storage from door to door.

Driver – your friendly, fully trained storage professional who drops off your empty SpaceBOXES, ID TAGS and optional packing supplies, and then picks up your packed storage, and then returns your selected storage where you need at convenient times.

Online Storage Catalogue – use your smart phone or tablet to photograph your storage contents and assign them to their SpaceBOX or Other Storage Item within your online account. You can then view and track your storage, manage item descriptions, and then select the storage items to return using your Online Storage Catalogue.

SpacePACK Specialist – there when you need assistance with sorting, packing and cataloguing your storage ready for check in, our SpacePACK specialists can come to you and help.

Storage CHECK - need to confirm what's in your storage?  Contact our Customer Care Team to organise a Storage Check where we check your storage to confirm a stored item is there.

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