Frequently Asked Questions

Checking Out Storage

What is the difference between a temporary check out and permanent check out?

Schedule a Temporary Check Out when you need to access and use your stored SpaceBOXES and Lifestyle and More items for a limited time.  Ideal if you or a friend needs to use your stored snowboard or bike for a week, or if you need to retrieve an item from a SpaceBOX and return it to storage.

Using our app , schedule a Temporary check out and we’ll deliver your selected SpaceBOXES and Lifestyle and More items to your designated address and contact person. When your ready, schedule a storage collection and we will re-check these items back into our storage facility. Just make sure you retain the original SpaceBOXES or SpaceTAGS through this process, so we can rescan at re-check in.

Schedule a Permanent Check Out when you are ready to permanently check out your SpaceBOXES and Lifestyle and More items. We’ll deliver them to you or your designated address and contact person.

Can SpacePAL donate or dispose of my storage for me if I do not want it returned?

Yes. Simply select Retire My Storage when requesting a Permanent check out using SpacePAL's app.  We will then endeavour to donate these SpaceBOXES and Lifestyle and More items to a local charity.

How does SpacePAL charge me for check out activity?

There are nominal per SpaceBOX or Lifestyle and More item check out charges for Temporary, Permanent, or Retire my Storage check outs. 

No other incidental charges for Temporary and Permanent check outs will apply if your designated delivery address is in-zone, appointment is during our normal business hours, and you provide at least 24 hours notice. 

We do offer same day and 6pm - 9pm after hours services, and some out of zone services. View our Sydney Coverage Map to see our Out of Zone - SpaceVAN, and Out of Zone - Courier serviced areas. Incidental charges will be applied for these services. 

Please note we work with customers to deliver Australia wide.

What if I can’t be present for the delivery of my temporary or permanent check out?

No Problem. You can designate another person to be your primary appointment contact in your absence. i.e. Have your SpaceBOX or other stored item(s) delivered to your work reception, to a friend’s place, or to a ski resorts reception.

To set up your designated contact, simply create a new address in your Account Address Book, specifying your designated contact, and select this as your delivery address when scheduling your SpacePAL appointment.

For your security, you or your designated contact must provide photo ID to the SpacePORTER at the appointment.

Will the SpacePORTER wait if I am late for a scheduled check out delivery?

SpacePORTERS will text you approximately 30 mins before their arrival. Upon arriving, if they cannot locate you or your designated contact within 15 minutes, or cannot reasonably access or park at this address, they will need to move on to their next appointment. We will reschedule your appointment with applicable charges.

If I move outside SpacePAL's in-zone, how can I get my items back?

We can provide your a quote to courier or ship your storage to out of zone areas, or we can help facilitate shipping with the shipping company you choose.

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