Frequently Asked Questions

Checking In Storage

What is a Standard check in and how do I schedule one?

The Standard Check In process involves SpacePAL dropping off your storage supplies, providing up to two weeks for you to pack, and then returning to pick up your storage. Schedule a Standard check in by signing into your SpacePAL account, to; 

  • Select how many SpaceBOXES and ID TAGS you need. Also order any optional packing supplies required;
  • Book a storage supplies drop off date and time. We generally need 24 hours to plan our SpaceVAN routes.
  • Specify the address and designated contact (if not you) for the drop off. We’ll email or call you to confirm your appointment. Your driver will text you when they are 30 mins out.
  • Once you have finished packing and online cataloguing, schedule your storage pick up.
  • Your Driver can provide more SpaceBOXES, ID TAGS, and optional packing supplies during the storage pick up if you need to do some last minute packing.
  • Our complimentary tape dispenser and all unused SpaceBOXES and ID TAGS must be returned during storage pick up.
  • Your Driver will show you a summary of storage collected and any incidental charges before they depart.
  • Track your storage every step of the way. 

Also, schedule a storage pick up (Check in) if you are re-checking in any Temporarily Checked Out storage items or if you just have storage in your own boxes for us to collect and store.

What is a One Stop check in?

With a One Stop Check In, SpacePAL combines your packing supplies drop off and storage collection into one convenient 30 minute appointment. Our SpacePORTER will deliver your ordered SpaceBOXES, SpaceTAGS and optional packing supplies to you, or your designated contact, and then spend up to 30 minutes assisting with packing and online cataloguing, before scanning your storage into the SpacePAL system, and transporting it safely to our storage facility.

Simply sign into your account and select the One Stop Check In option when processing your BOXES and SUPPLIES order. 

Will SpacePAL charge me for check in activity?

To protect against loss, a small order deposit is charged to your user account when we issue you SpaceBOXES. The order deposit is $50 when less than 20 SpaceBOXES are ordered.  We refund your order deposit once all used and unused SpaceBOXES are collected during your check in process. 

No other incidental check in charges will apply if your packing supplies drop off or storage collection addresses are in-zone, and the appointment is during our normal business hours with at least 24 hours notice. 

We do offer same day and 6pm - 9pm after hours services, and some out of zone services. View our Sydney Coverage map to see our Out of Zone - SpaceVAN serviced areas. Incidental charges will be applied for these services, or when we collect less than three SpaceBOXES and Lifestyle and More items. 

Please note, we do not use couriers for storage collection.

Can I use my own boxes to pack storage?

Yes, SpacePAL will collect and store your storage packed into your OWN BOXES.  We apply the same monthly pay-per-box storage prices as similar sized small, medium, and large SpaceBOXES.

To ensure secure and safe storage, we only accept robust cartons suitable for transport and storage. Please see our minimum packaging requirements summary for more info.

What if I need more SpaceBOXES and SpaceTAGS at short notice?

No problem. Your SpacePORTER always carries extra SpaceBOXES, SpaceTAGS and optional packing supplies.  They can easily supply these during your packing supplies drop off or storage collection.

Please contact our friendly Customer Care Team if you require a larger quantity of SpaceBOXES, SpaceTAGS or optional Packing supplies.

How do I build my Online Storage Catalogue?

It's easy. Simply use your smart phone or tablet with your SpacePAL Account to photograph your items and assign them to their SpaceBOX or Lifestyle and More items.

It’s up to you how you structure your Online Storage Catalogue. You can take a photo of the entire contents of a SpaceBOX or your own carton, or photograph and catalogue each item individually.

You can then view, manage item descriptions, and order check outs using your Online Storage Catalogue. We recommend you catalogue your stored items, as these will then be covered by our complimentary SpaceCOVER loss and damage protection.

Does SpacePAL provide specialised decluttering and packing labour?

Enquire about our service to assist you sort, catalogue and pack your items in preparation for check in. The charge for this service is $30 per half hour, or part there of support.

What if I can’t be present for my packing supplies drop off or storage collection?

No Problem. You can designate another person to be your primary appointment contact in your absence. I.e. Leave your packed items at your work reception and our SpacePORTER can check in your SpaceBOXES or other items from there.

To set up your designated contact, simply create a new address in your Account Address Book, specifying your designated contact, and select this as your delivery address when scheduling your SpacePAL appointment. 

For your security, you or your designated contact must provide photo ID to the SpacePORTER at the appointment.

Will SpacePAL wait if I am late for a scheduled appointment?

SpacePORTERS will text you approximately 30 mins before their arrival. Upon arriving, if they cannot locate you or your designated contact within 15 minutes, or cannot reasonably access or park at this address, they will need to move on to their next appointment. We will reschedule your appointment with applicable charges.

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