Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Why cluttered office space is costing your business thousands of dollars

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Why cluttered office space is costing your business thousands of dollars

Next time you get the hiccups and need a shock, have a look at the numbers on the cost of renting office space in Sydney.

The average Sydneysider is paying more than $1000 per square metre, per year for a prime office spot*. When you think about it, keeping that extra filing cabinet is costing you $1000 dollars per year. A desk that’s so cluttered you can’t use it is costing you $2000 annually. That cupboard you’ve been wanting to ditch for years, but can’t because it’s full of old equipment, could be costing you $3000 a year to keep.

Is it really worth it?

With Sydney office space at such a premium, you can’t afford to waste an inch.

But how do you make the most of your office space and leave yourself room to grow without losing important documents, spending thousands on storage units or having to move to a bigger space?

That’s easy, with SpacePAL.

SpacePAL allows you to declutter your space and avoid spending thousands of dollars on wasted space. Our convenient, by-the-box storage service, means that you don’t have to commit to lengthy lock-in contracts that make it hard for your business to grow. You’ll have extra space to fit a new employee, create a functional meeting space or just get your office more organised.

So, what exactly can you store?

The opportunities are endless. If you have any old equipment that’s currently not in use but too valuable to give away, put it in a SpaceBOX. Archived documents, completed client work or important tax bits and pieces that you don’t need on a daily basis, can all go in a SpaceBOX. Any extra stock, especially that seasonal stuff that’s gathering dust in the corner, can be packed into a SpaceBOX and safely stored.

And what if you need your stuff back?

It’s easy to book a time to get your SpaceBOXES redelivered to your office when you need them. Whether you need all of your things or just a single file, you can book a temporary or permanent check out via the app and our friendly SpacePORTER will be around in no time.

Is SpacePAL right for my business?

With our affordable pay-by-the-box service, you’ll be spending far less to store your items than the $1000 per square metre, per year that you’re spending on keeping it in your office.

You won’t have to leave the office because our team comes to you to take your SpaceBOXES, they can even help you pack! Plus, there’s complimentary SpaceCOVER loss and damage protection of up to $150 per box, and options to increase this if you’re storing more valuable equipment or expensive stock.

What are you waiting for? To save both space and money download the app to get started – just click here.

* stats from SMH article: https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/city-office-rents-on-the-rise-as-space-shrinks-20180327-p4z6g8.html