Sunday, August 12, 2018

What is High-Density Living? A Look at Sydney’s Fastest Growing Trend

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What is High-Density Living? A Look at Sydney’s Fastest Growing Trend.

Vertical living is on the rise in Sydney’s Inner City and surrounding suburbs. With space on the ground shrinking with the increase of the city’s population and never ending development projects, the only way to go is up!

SpacePAL helps you squeeze every inch of space out your apartment or house. But if you’re wondering what high-density living really is and the impact it has on our modern society, keep reading.

Defined as housing or areas that are more densely populated than average, such as apartment buildings and blocks of flats, high-density living encompasses much more than just people per square metre facts and figures.

It also involves the lifestyle that comes along with large numbers of people living and businesses operating within close proximity.

There are some very real advantages to high-density living. For starters, it reduces the city’s ecological footprint as buildings move up rather than out. Land, trees and ecosystems are preserved, and the infrastructure needs of servicing areas spread over acres is reduced.

Then there’s the economic benefits created by the productivity of living within close proximity to work, schools, shopping centres and recreational activities. Being able to access facilities quicker and more conveniently can have a huge impact on a consumers’ habits and potentially lead to people being happier in the workplace and therefore, more productive. 

High-density living also has an effect on social growth and success due to proximity. This includes being closer to friends and family, having better access to community groups and the convenience of participating in social activities in the area.

In terms of living in high-density areas like Sydney’s Inner City and city fringe suburbs, people get greater access to restaurants, shopping, schools, parks and recreational activities, often without the need to own a car. We get to enjoy all of the benefits of a modern life, easily balancing work with a healthy social life due to shorter commutes and better access to facilities.

However, as developers continue to grow our high-density city, their goal is to capitalise on every inch of space available meaning apartments are shrinking in size. The demand of these shrinking apartments as the population grows pushes the price up and up and space becomes a commodity we’re only now realising is of such high value.

That’s where SpacePAL comes in.

We’re passionate about working alongside people’s busy modern lives to become the smartest storage Sydney has ever seen. We want Sydneysiders to be able to enjoy and utilise every inch of their apartment, house or city office space without having to give up or give away things they love. 

In a high-density city where the cost per square metre of housing is continuing to rise, it’s becoming more and more costly to have a spare room filled with sporting equipment, books or old clothes. Or a garage so full you can’t fit your car in and a dining room so cluttered there’s no space to have your friends over for dinner.

In the quest for more space, forget throwing away your prized possessions or relocating to a larger space. Instead, use SpacePAL’s by-the-box service to pack up your bits and bobs and take back control of your home or business. With affordable prices per box or item, it’s a far cheaper and smarter alternative to letting items you only use occasionally clutter up your precious space.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget about self-storage and join SpacePAL’s storage revolution. Download our app for iOS or Android to get started - Just click here.