Sunday, February 10, 2019

Top Ten Decluttering Tips for Your Apartment

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Top Ten Decluttering Tips for Your Apartment

Minimalist living has been one of the biggest home and lifestyle trends for years now. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done!

Even with Pinterest boards full of tips, tricks and inspiration, getting around to actually decluttering your apartment can seem like a daunting task and easily pushed to the next month… or the one after that.

There are a lot of psychological benefits to living in a tidy and organised space, not to mention the added bonus of knowing where everything is and having the space in your apartment to live life the way you choose.

We love to make life easy, which is why SpacePAL is dedicated collecting, storing and redelivering your storage boxes or Lifestyle Items at a time that’s super convenient for you.

It’s a full ‘door-to-store’ service that means you don’t have to sit in traffic to get to a storage locker, which gives you plenty of time to read our top ten tips to organise your apartment. No excuses now, read on…

#1 Make a plan and stick to it

Rather than trying to tackle your whole apartment in one go, split it up into more manageable sections and set a timeline for each. For example, Friday night can be designated to clearing out your wardrobe, allocate Saturday morning to the kitchen, then after lunch can be spent in the living areas. Slot bathrooms, spare rooms and any external spaces like a garage to your timetable and you’ll find it a lot easier to get started (and actually finish!)

#2 Have three boxes ready for sorting your items

Anything that you’re not keeping in your apartment can be sorted into three groups: Toss, Donate and Store. It makes it a lot easier to stay organised as you’re pulling apart each room if you have a box for each set up and labelled. Don’t forget to order your SpaceBOXES before you start.

#3 Make all of your decisions final

You’ll quickly run into problems if you allow yourself to second guess your decisions and move items from one box to another or worse, back to your apartment. Once you’ve decided to donate something, it does not leave that box. That way, you’ll save time and be on your way to a clutter-free apartment.

#4 Buy storage containers and systems after you’ve decluttered

It’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll need to better house all of the items you decide to keep. That’s why you should sort through everything first, assess which kinds of containers, baskets, hooks or other storage accessories will suit your space, and then make a shopping list.

#5 Always leave cupboards and drawers 1/3 empty

It’s very easy to fill space if you have it but realistically, everything fits in a lot easier when it’s freshly organised and less so when you’re using it and returning it day in and day out. There’s also the inevitable fact that you’ll buy something new so leaving extra space when you’re decluttering is important to staying organised long term.

#6 Anything that’s broken has to go

We all love the idea of a fix-it project but not many of us are very good at actually fixing the thing that’s been stuck in the corner for months. Unless you can commit to repairing that broken lamp or mending that tear in your cushion within the next two days, you should remove it from your apartment.  

#7 Don’t forget about your linen cupboard

You may be surprised by how many old towels or sheet sets you accumulate over the years that end up stuffed into your linen cupboard for those ‘just in case’ moments. By getting rid of the things you don’t use, you’ll find you can put the storage space to much better use. 

#8 Only keep clothes that fit you right now

It’s unrealistic to waste precious wardrobe space on clothes that don’t fit you because it’s unlikely that by the time they ever fit you again, you’ll actually want to wear them. Instead, donate anything in good condition and toss the rest.

#9 Ensure all containers in the kitchen are paired with their lid

The infamous container cupboard that many of us have in our kitchens is often a treasure trove of clutter. Getting it organised will make a big difference to the functionality of your kitchen so you should only keep containers and lids that have pairs. An easy storage tip to keep lids tidy is to use a CD or DVD rack. That way, lids can be slot into each spot and its corresponding container can be neatly stacked.

#10 Store heirloom kids’ items and keepsakes

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, why waste it by using it as a storage facility? We get that there are a lot of memories you’ll want to keep from your, such as your child’s first blanket, baby clothes or kindergarten artwork. While these special memories shouldn’t be tossed away, they’re better off being put into storage so you can put your spare room to better use until you have a bigger space.

When you’ve gotten your apartment under control and are ready to get those ‘store’ boxes into storage, get in touch with SpacePAL, or download our app to take advantage of our affordable, convenient and simple on-demand storage service.