Monday, July 22, 2019

These Statistics Show Decluttering Will Make Aussies Happier

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These Statistics Show Decluttering Will Make Aussies Happier

We’re over half-way through 2019, the year that had Australian’s resolving to live happier, healthier lives thanks to spreading wellness trends. While gyms are busier than ever and the health food industry is booming, it’s important to remember that achieving true well-being requires a well-rounded approach to looking after your mind and soul as well as your body.

Our homes play an important part in our lives and whether you’re an owner, renter, living with your family, on your own or in a share house, pursuing a state of harmony between your home and your lifestyle has serious psychological benefits.

There are some pretty staggering statistics proving that Australian’s value the sanctuary that is their homes and our stress, anxiety and happiness levels are impacted when things aren’t in order.

For example, 4 out of 10 Australians say they feel ashamed of clutter in their homes and 57% experience more stress when their home is unorganised. And it’s not just the clutter people are stressing about. Just living in a cluttered space can trigger your mind to start stressing about many other aspects of your life such as your job, relationships and social life.

Then there’s the fact that Australian’s stand to save an extra 15-20% on their annual budgets by living in a decluttered home as the organised space promotes better decision. Wouldn’t you be happier spending a fifth less every year on things you don’t really need?

At SpacePAL, we’ve made it easy for Sydney-siders to declutter their homes and take advantage of the stress and anxiety relieving lifestyles of living clutter-free. The best part is, our on-demand storage service allows you to put those things cluttering your home into storage without you having the added stress of visiting storage lockers or paying too much for mobile pods.

SpacePAL works in just four easy steps…

  1. Download our app and book your free box delivery
  2. We’ll drop off your boxes, give you time to pack and come back to collect them
  3. We store your boxes in our secure facility and you only pay a small fee per box, per month
  4. When you book via the app, we re-deliver  any boxes you select to your door

To learn more about SpacePAL, visit our How It Works page or get in touch by emailing