Friday, August 3, 2018

Sydney Storage Nightmares – When Self-Storage Goes Wrong!

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Sydney Storage Nightmares – When Self-Storage Goes Wrong!

During our time in the storage industry we’ve seen dramatic changes in the way people live their lives. Sydney space is at a premium, convenience is a top priority and technology is connecting us like never before. Yet the storage industry has struggled to evolve with the growth in high-density city living.

Until now, storage options for Sydneysiders have been limited and traditional storage options always came with challenges. Here are just a few storage nightmares from the archives…

Family Downsizers’ Waste of Space

“We were downsizing from a four bedroom to three bedroom house and more importantly, losing a big chunk of space. With a whole extra room full of things to store, a moving date that was quickly approaching and very few options, we hastily booked a storage unit at our nearest place.

Even though we ordered the smallest (and cheapest) unit available, we still only took up around 20% of the space in the unit. It was frustrating, but we didn’t have a lot of options once our old clothes, books, kids’ toys and everything else that called the spare room home were already packed.

After a while we forgot what was in there. Our things sat for months in storage while we struggled to find the time or the energy to drive over and sort through it. When we finally decided to call it quits, we spent a whole Saturday getting to the unit and sorting through our things only to find we’d already replaced a lot of stuff that we forgot we had.

We bought a few things home, donated a bit and threw a lot of stuff out. In the end, we’d paid more to store the items than they were actually worth. Storing this way wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made!” – Tom, Rosebery

An Overseas Adventure

“I was getting ready for a stint travelling overseas and needed to leave a few of my things behind. I only had 30kgs of suitcase space after all. I lived with my sister at the time who was getting ready to move interstate herself. I didn’t want to commit to having my things stored in a pod or locker in a different state, so I packed it all up for her to take with her. I left thinking I was saving her a bit of hassle during the stressful process of moving. 

A few months of being away turned into two years of living overseas and in that time, my sister ended up moving three more times. That made four times in total that she had to haul nearly 100 fashion magazines that I owned, two suitcases of clothes, boxes of books and bundles of bits and pieces that I’d accumulated and didn’t want to ditch.

After getting home and moving all of my things into my own place, I felt pretty guilty about how inconvenient it must have been for her.” – Jessica, Bondi

Booming Business Shrinking Space

“Every quarter my team and I hold a mini event for our clients to update them on everything going on with our business. As we’ve grown bigger, we’ve put more effort into making the event memorable and now have a few banners, pop-up signs, name tags and portfolios.

It’s a lot of fun to put together but when we hired a new employee recently, our already tight Sydney office space felt like it shrunk to half its size! Getting a bigger office space didn’t fit into the budget so all of our promotional stuff that was being stored on top of and underneath the spare desk had to go.   

I looked into a storage unit but the nearest was so far from the office it just wasn’t practical. When I came around to the idea of a mobile pod, I used it for a quarter before realising the cost was more than the value of our storage. Again, it didn’t make sense. In the end, I had no choice but to bring everything home and shove it in the garage and park on the street.” – Simon, Sydney CBD

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