Saturday, September 1, 2018

Self-storage vs On-demand Storage

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Self-storage vs On-demand Storage

In a city like Sydney, you’ve probably seen mobile storage pods parked on the roadside or squeezing down tight laneways. Maybe you’ve watched people struggle down stairs and weave through traffic with back-breaking boxes or driven past one of those maze-like storage facilities.

Both are familiar storage services. Neither compare to SpacePAL.

We’ve turned traditional self-storage on its head to bring Sydney the smartest storage solution it’s ever seen. On-demand storage has changed the game, but you might be wondering what’s so revolutionary about our service? Well, let’s take a look at how it compares to traditional self-storage.

On-demand storage is more affordable

Mobile pods or fixed storage units charge a fixed rate per month based on the overall size of the pod or unit. Whether you have two boxes or twenty inside, you’re paying the same fee and flexibility is not always an option, leaving you subject to whatever unit is available to rent at the time.

With SpacePAL, you only pay per box or item that you store, per month. When you compare our low monthly fees to the per sqm costs of mobile pods and fixed units, it’s far more affordable.

There’s no heavy lifting

Our team of friendly SpacePORTERS come straight to your door and take your packed boxes of storage to our van for you. You won’t have to haul boxes up and down stairs or trying to precariously pack everything in a pod or unit.

You can also book time for a SpacePACK Specialist to spend some time helping your sort and pack your boxes before we take them to storage.

Your storage is more secure

Unlike traditional fixed unit storage facilities, our location is not accessible to the general public. It makes our private storage warehouse more secure and dramatically reduces the chances of theft or damage to your property.

On-demand storage is more convenient

Rather than changing your schedule to fit in with the mobile pod company or spending your entire weekend fighting traffic to visit your storage unit, you can use SpacePAL’s app to book a Check In or Check Out time that’s convenient for you.

We have extended trading hours so can visit you before or after work. Or, we can even pick up or deliver your storage to your workplace, a friend’s place, or any in-zone location that’s convenient for you.

If you need your storage delivered to your new address or couriered to your holiday home in-time for your Summer stay, we can organise it for you.

You get more for FREE with SpacePAL

Traditional storage services are all about making money. At SpacePAL, we’re all about helping modern urbanites live lighter and take back control of their space. That’s why we have so many free benefits for our customers.

For starters, our high quality range of SpaceBOXES are free, as is their delivery to your apartment, house or business. And don’t worry, you’ll also get free tape and a dispenser to secure your boxes. We pick up your storage for free to take it to our secure location and we even offer complimentary SpaceCOVER loss and damage protection of up to $150 per box or item.

And we’d be crazy not to mention our generous referral incentives and rewards scheme, as well as the 5% discount we offer to students and senior citizens.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget about self-storage and join SpacePAL’s storage revolution. Download our app for iOS or Android to get started - Just click here.