Monday, April 29, 2019

Meet Kate: A Customer Who Loves Our Alternative Storage Solutions

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Modern lifestyles are demanding flexibility and convenience like never before. Think about it, when you’re hungry you can choose anything that you’re craving from nearby restaurants to be delivered moments later. When you need a ride, you can have a car pick you up to take you where you need to be in a matter of minutes. If you want to rent an entire house or just a room in someone’s apartment for the weekend, you can organise it with just a few taps of an app.

SpacePAL is bringing that same level of convenience to storage, an industry that was previously stuck in its old-school ways and failing to live up to our modern lifestyles. We prioritise flexibility, affordability and accessibility to become an extension of your home or office on your terms.

Take our customer Kate, for example, who needed storage for a handful of boxes but didn’t want to get stuck paying for an entire storage unit. She hated the idea of spending upwards of $120/month on a unit she wasn’t going to come close to filling. Add in the wasted time to get to the storage unit on her busy Saturday to drop off her boxes, and a unit just wasn’t going to be a convenient or cost-effective choice for Kate.

Luckily, she discovered SpacePAL. Using our app, Kate ordered the empty box sizes that she needed, and we delivered them for free to her home in Sydney (we should mention that the boxes themselves are free as well). We gave her a bit of time to pack and went back to collect them when she booked a time that suited her via the app. It was an easy, stress-free way for Kate to get those boxes out of her home so she could use the space how she wanted.

But why take our word for it? This is what Kate had to say:

“SpacePAL gave me the flexibility to store as much or little as I want, and the price reflects that. It’s really easy to use the app and order empty boxes to fill, and really easy to get them picked up.

“I like knowing they will be delivered back to me when I no longer need the storage, or if I need an individual box back for a time, for only a small fee. Owen [SpacePAL team member] was very friendly and helpful, and made the process altogether very painless.”

At SpacePAL, we don’t believe that you should be charged for space you’re not using. Thanks to our app, a clutter-free home or tidy and productive office space are in the palm of your hand.

It’s time to tap into your storage potential!

Getting started on our app is easy, but if you need any guidance, we’ve written a blog to take you through some of the main features. You can read it here.

If you’re left wanting more, why not check out our app walkthrough videos that show you step by step how to make the most of SpacePAL and using our app? View our walkthrough videos here.

We’d also love to hear from you at any time about anything! Get in touch by emailing or call 1300 772 236.