Thursday, August 23, 2018

Live the Life You Love in Sydney Thanks to SpacePAL

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Live the Life You Love in Sydney Thanks to SpacePAL

At SpacePAL, we don’t think of ourselves as just a storage company. What’s more important is what we help our customers achieve by taking care their storage needs.

Our revolutionary service is designed to be an extension of the lives of busy, modern urbanites. We help people enjoy the fast-paced and high-density lifestyle Sydney affords us without having to give up the things they love.

We’re a by-the-box service and even offer free SpaceBOXES for you to pack and store your items in. But that’s not all we store. Our ‘Lifestyle and More’ Item option allows you to store anything that’s under 20kg and has its own case, the original box it came in, or a box you’ve sourced yourself. We’ll provide a SpaceTAG that allows you to add it to your Online Storage Catalogue and easily track it.

What does that mean for you?

For starters, you won’t have to miss work or waste weekends tripping to storage facilities, rushing to arrive within their opening hours. You won’t have to haul heavy boxes up and down flights of stairs or pay for a whole mobile storage pod when you’ve only got a few things to store. 

For the sporty types, you can enjoy an occasional tee-off at Sydney’s golf courses or head to the coast for a family fishing trip without losing your lounge room to bulky golf bags or camping gear.

Enjoy a Summer surf? Rather than having your surfboard and wetsuit lay around your apartment, get them out of the way over Winter by checking them in to SpacePAL. Use a SpaceTAG to store it with SpacePAL and use our Temporary Check Out to get it back for the season.

Have your skis, snowboard and snow suit delivered to your door just in time to hit the slopes. Forget about having to awkwardly stuff them into the hallway cupboard when you’re back. Simply arrange for them to be picked up and re-checked in to storage.

And for the artistic amongst us, you can store your guitars, drum kit, amps, easels and more as long as you have them in their hard cases. It really is that easy.

So next time you’re struggling past your bike in the hallway and tossing up getting rid of your bulky equipment, try SpacePAL instead. Why give up the things you love when you can pay a small monthly fee per box or item to be safely looked after?

When you need them back, it’s quick and easy to book the redelivery of your boxes and items via our app.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget about self-storage and join SpacePAL’s storage revolution. Download our app for iOS or Android to get started and create an account to get on the way to a decluttered life - Just click here.