Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Join The Sydney Storage Revolution with SpacePAL

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Join The Sydney Storage Revolution with SpacePAL

We’re shaking up the way Sydneysiders store and access the bits and pieces cluttering up their home or business… and we want you to come along for the ride!

We’ve been in the storage business a long time and watched people waste their weekends fighting traffic to get to their storage units, struggling to pack their mobile pods full of heavy boxes or paying for storage space they’re not using. We knew there had to be a better way.

We’ve seen dramatic changes in the way people live their lives in recent years. Sydney space is at a premium, convenience is a top priority and technology is connecting us like never before. Yet the storage industry struggled to evolve with the growth in high-density city living.

You can book a ride, an entire house for a week, or an overseas holiday, all at the tap of an app. So why not use technology to store and access your stuff from your home or business just as easily?

It’s our mission to become an extension of your apartment, house or business space so that storing with SpacePAL is just as simple as popping your boxes in the spare room. Only now, you can actually use your space the way you want without having those extra books, baby bits, camping gear or clothes cluttering your space.

Individuals, families and businesses in high-density areas can now organise their lives without having to ditch the things they love… or even leave the house.

SpacePAL is easy. A few taps of our app and we will drop off a range of free SpaceBOXES for you to pack. When you’re ready, we’ll collect your packed storage and other lifestyle items, insure and securely store them, and then redeliver where and when you need them. There’s no heavy lifting, no wasted time, and you only pay for storage space used with our transparent and flexible per box pricing.

Imagine your stored surfboard or bike on demand, a tidy dining room perfect for entertaining, a garage that now fits a car, a pristine Airbnb Space, or a clutter-free spare room that can accommodate guests, a growing family, or a home office.

It’s all possible with SpacePAL.

Start by downloading our APP for iOS or Android and get ready to sit back and enjoy your tidy, uncluttered and functional city space - Just click here