Wednesday, October 24, 2018

It’s time to transform the spare room now the kids have moved out

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It’s time to transform the spare room now the kids have moved out

It’s a familiar tale. You spend years with a house full of kids, their extra laundry, sporting equipment strewn across the backyard and school books covering the dining room table. Then, all of a sudden, they’re off to university, moving into a share house or gallivanting around Europe and you’ve got a house full of extra space. Well, almost.

Unfortunately, when the kids move out they only ever take half of their stuff, leaving the rest for you to deal with. But that doesn’t mean your newly spare room should bear the brunt of their excess items. You can hang onto the kids’ memories and have their childhood toys ready to pass onto the grandkids and still enjoy your spare room with help from SpacePAL.

We’ve made it convenient and affordable to pack up and store those old things with sentimental value – you won’t even have to leave the house! Our friendly team come right to your door so there’s no heavy lifting and no wasting weekends getting to a storage unit.

Once you’ve got all the kids’ bits and pieces packed up, here are some ideas for your spare room…

  1. A guest retreat – There’s a good chance the kids will be back occasionally and will need somewhere to sleep. Or maybe now’s the chance to finally start welcoming out-of-state friends now you’ve got the space. Either way, create a guest retreat that’s homely but leaves plenty of room for your guests’ belongings.
  2. The perfect home office – Work from home or build a side business thanks to a calm and inviting home office, free from those old clothes and books the kids have left behind.
  3. List the room on Airbnb – Not only does it create extra income, it can be a great way to meet new people and share cultures. Just make sure you store away all of your valuables and any personal effects. You’ll also need to tidy out that wardrobe.
  4. A home gym – You’ll no longer be able to use bad weather or expensive gym memberships as an excuse not to get in some exercise with a home gym. Pop that old computer into a box and dust off the treadmill at the back of the shed.
  5. Create a home library – It’s an indulgent thing to have a home library where you can enjoy your newfound peace and quiet, but you deserve it! Say bye-bye to those extra suitcases and odd bobs and hello to a tidy and peaceful space to broaden the mind.
  6. Rent the room to a student – Another way to secure some extra income from your empty space, pack up the kids’ leftover photo albums and stuffed toys to make space for a student who needs digs during the semester.
  7. Design a music room – Whether you’re reigniting an old passion or picking up a new hobby, pack up the kids study desk and dust off your musical instruments and old records to design a creative space for listening and endless jamming.
  8. A dressing room – Walk-in wardrobes are few and far between in Sydney’s tight space but now you can realise your dreams of a roomy dressing room by making the most of your decluttered space.
  9. Games room fun – Spend Saturday mornings finishing that puzzle or get out those board and card games when you’ve got friends over. From pool to ping-pong, dominoes to darts, the opportunities are endless if you start with a blank canvas.
  10. A home cinema – Deck out the space with surround sound and plush sofas to create a theatre or viewing room perfect for movie nights. The best part? You can shut the door and leave the rest of the house in peace.

Inspired to revamp your spare room? Make the switch easy with help from SpacePAL. Download the app now for iOS or Android. Our friendly Customer Service Team are always on hand to answer your questions and offer advice and you can contact them here