Friday, June 7, 2019

How We Helped Tony Make the Most of His Sydney Office Space

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The face of Sydney’s CBD is changing thanks to the evolution of the modern workplace.

Along with changing locations and the increasing density of offices, more and more businesses are choosing flexible workplaces that utilise hot desking. All of which means storage space is limited as every spare inch is accounted for to counter the rising rental costs. 

Office spaces are now more expensive than ever with a prime spot in a Sydney CBD building costing upwards of $1000 per square metre every year*. With that in mind, and the added logistical difficulties of hot desking, business owners and office managers are looking for new ways to keep organised and productive in the workplace.

Tony, for example, secured an office in the CBD that fitted his team perfectly… at first. As his business grew, so did his need for more space. But with office space coming at a premium price, he knew there had to be a better way to be able to make the most of his current location than taking on a larger, and more expensive office.

Tony looked into his storage options but as a time-poor business owner, a fixed unit didn’t seem practical. And he didn’t want the nightmare of trying to pack a mobile storage pod on the hectic city streets.

So, Tony turned to SpacePAL.

Using our by the box service, Tony was able to store just a few boxes of stuff he didn’t need taking up valuable space in his office for just a low monthly fee.

We saved him time by delivering free boxes to pack his items into and returning later to collect them from his office to take them to our secure storage facility. When Tony needs anything from his boxes, he can simply book a redelivery time via our app to take what he needs before we take the rest back to storage.

Here’s what Tony had to say about his experience:

“I got free storage boxes delivered to my office and they were collected and checked into storage a week later once I packed. I organised everything on the app where I can also view my stored boxes and what’s in them to select the ones to be re-delivered whenever I need them.

“It’s not expensive with monthly by the box or item storage rates and the team were really friendly and helpful.”

For Tony, that means he can have important documents securely stored until we bring them back at tax time. Or have his promotional gear (such as banners, posters and display stands) returned in time for his next conference.

We can even deliver his setup directly to the conference location in Sydney and pick it up to return it to storage afterwards so he doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting.

It really is the easiest way for Sydney businesses to store.

The best thing is, businesses can utilise our on-demand storage service all across Sydney, not just the CBD. We work with people like Tony with offices in growing business hubs such as Parramatta, Macquarie Park and North Sydney.

If you want to take advantage of SpacePAL’s revolutionary storage service for your Sydney based business, download our app to get started - just click here.

* Stats from SMH article: