Friday, June 21, 2019

How to Pack Your Boxes for Self-Storage

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It can be beneficial both emotionally and financially to free up space around your home or office, but things quickly get overwhelming when you’re not sure where to start.

Preparation is key when it comes to decluttering your space and getting some of your occasional items into storage. So, we’ve put together our favourite packing and storage tips for utilising our on-demand self-storage service that lets you store one box or store more without leaving your home or office.

1. Fill all empty space in your boxes.

The last thing you want is for your items to rattle around, knock into each other and get damaged. Bubble wrap and packing paper help to protect your items and fill space but you can also use things like blankets, towels or knitted clothing that you may be storing.

When ordering your SpaceBOXES via our app, you can choose from a variety of sizes based on what you have to store. And, if you get all of your packing done to find you have boxes left over, we’ll collect them when we pick up your storage and you won’t be charged. It’s an easier way to ensure your boxes are tightly and securely packed with all of your items.

2. Pack electronics such as computers and TV screens back into their original boxes.

They were literally made to measure, so it just makes sense to pack screens and technology back into their retail boxes if the packaging hasn’t gone into the recycling bin. It’s the safest way to store them and using SpacePAL’s SpaceTAG system, you can choose the corresponding item in our app and we’ll bring you a unique tag to stick onto the box to easily track it.

3. Put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box.

Not only does putting heavier items on the bottom make it easy to lift and move boxes around, it also helps to protect the items on the inside from being crushed or damaged underneath other items.

It’s easy to see which way up our SpaceBOXES go when you’re packing and we always make sure they stay that way in transit and in storage.

4. Keep similar items together.

It just makes sense to pack your boxes room by room so like items are together. This makes it easier to catalogue your items in our storage catalogue so you know exactly what’s in each box and to also utilise our temporary check out option when you need a box back from storage for a short amount of time. 

5. Don’t overpack your boxes.

Things can get really dangerous when you start making your storage boxes too heavy or items are causing your box to bulge out of shape. Never pack your boxes over 20kg and make sure that you can securely tape the top closed.

As a general guide, larger boxes should be used for lightweight items so you can fill them to the top without going over weight limits. For heavier items such as books, documents or heavy ornaments and decorations, choose smaller box sizes such as our EverydayBOX or SpaceBOX sizes.

Large and bulky items can either be stored using a SpaceTAG or in our Utility boxes to help control the weight of the boxes.

If you need more help packing your storage boxes, get in touch to enquire about our packing service where our experts will help you sort, catalogue and pack your items while decluttering your apartment or office as they go. Contact the SpacePAL team here.