Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

More and more savvy urbanites are moving away from their corporate jobs and the nine-to-five grind to start their own business. In fact, a recent report found that 80% of Australians are turning towards a home business or hobby to earn extra cash or find fulfilment outside of their jobs.

With the number of small businesses in Australia growing by the day, the demand for office space is skyrocketing, and of course, the price of those spaces closely follows.

If you’re just starting out, spending extortionate amounts on an office space just doesn’t make sense. Which leaves you with one option… it’s time to clean out that spare room!

It can be a daunting task, but when you weigh up the potential savings, a morning spent organising that overflowing wardrobe and emptying desk drawers is a smart investment into a new side business. And with a bit of help from SpacePAL, you’ll have a neat, tidy, functional home office space in no time.

Firstly, download the SpacePAL app to arrange the delivery of your free SpaceBOXES. A friendly SpacePORTER will deliver them at a time that suits you so when you’re organising, you can sort your storage directly into the boxes. Catalogue your storage as you go with our Online Storage Catalogue.

Then, systematically empty out every cupboard, drawer and dark corner under the bed, sorting into keep, toss and store piles. If you want a productive workspace, create a calm environment. Those crazy artworks on the wall, the unused gym gear in the corner, that strange lamp your Aunt gave you as a wedding gift: wrap them up and pack them into your SpaceBOX.

Next, move onto the paperwork in your filing cabinet. You’ve probably realised that hard copies are important to business. Any work that you’ve already completed, or documents relating to things like tax can go straight into our ArchiveBOX. That way, when tax time rolls around at the end of the year or a client comes back for seconds, you can easily get your box redelivered, take out the documents you need, and send the rest back to storage.

If you’ve got the room sorted but are struggling to organise the things you’re sending to storage, book time for a SpacePACK Specialist to come around and help you get on track. They’ll even assist you to make the most of SpacePAL’s online catalogue, so you’ll always know what’s in storage, and which box to get redelivered if you need just one item.

It’s so easy to get started and set your new business up for success. Just download the SpacePAL app for iOS or Android. It’s your hub for everything SpacePAL from booking the delivery of your free SpaceBOXES, organising check in, viewing your online catalogue, and more.

Follow SpacePAL’s top tips for decluttering and you’ll be sitting back and enjoying your productive new home office in no time. Download the app to get started – Just click here.