Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Here’s How SpacePAL Can Help Make Your Next Move A Breeze

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Anyone who has been through a move to a new house or apartment will be familiar with the stress and time-strain that can have you pulling your hair out! From sorting through a mountain of stuff to packing it up and coordinating your removalists, there’s a lot going on. Not to mention trying to fit it all in between long days at work.

Having gone through plenty of moves ourselves, both moving to a new house and office, we know that the last thing you need is turning up at your new space with boxes full of items you want to keep but won’t use every day. Clutter alert!

Most would turn to a traditional storage unit, but who has time to be trekking across town to drop their stuff off mid-move? We knew there had to be an easier way to streamline the moving process, which is just one of the inspirations behind SpacePAL.

We provide Sydneysiders with a smooth, convenient and affordable way to store the stuff they don’t need for a while or things that don’t fit into their new place.

Our customer Tom is just one example of movers who’ve made the most of SpacePAL. Tom and his family of four had an upcoming move, but life got in the way, and they didn't have the time to finish sorting through their items before packing. Here's his story and how SpacePAL was able to help.

“We were moving from our rental into a house we had just bought, and between finalising the purchase of the home and trying to prepare for the move, things got pretty hectic. We’d accumulated a lot of stuff over the years but didn’t want to start life in our new house by simply relocating the clutter.

We looked at storage units, but for the amount that we had to store the prices were outrageous and driving back and forth with carloads of things seemed like a waste of valuable time.

Then someone told us to try SpacePAL. They allowed us to store about 10 of our boxes full of kitchen appliances, seasonal clothes, garden tools and general items that we didn’t want in the new place right away. Plus, we only had to pay a small fee per box for each month it was in storage.

The best part was that we managed the whole thing via their app. They came to our door to collect our boxes one night after work and took them to their facility.

Skip forward a few months, and we're settled into our new place and getting a sense of what we need to keep and throw. Funnily enough, there are things in those boxes we were going to throw out, so we didn’t have to move them, and now we’re looking forward to getting them back!”

If you’re getting ready to move and want to get a few boxes into storage to make things more manageable, download our app to start using SpacePAL. You can order our FREE high-quality SpaceBOXES to be delivered to your door to pack your items or organise to check-in your boxes and lifestyle items. 

If you have any questions, we’re always on hand to help you out! Flick us an email at

Happy moving!