Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Have A Storage Emergency? Here’s How SpacePAL Can Help You During A Disaster

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Have A Storage Emergency? Here’s How SpacePAL Can Help You During A Disaster

Life is full of unexpected surprises, twists and turns but few are more devasting than when a disaster strikes your home and leaves you, your family and your belongings out on the street.

As a Sydney business, we’ve always prioritised helping our communities, aiming to be an extension of our clients’ lifestyles so they can enjoy this city we love so much. That’s why we’ve created a storage solution that can ease the burden of being ejected unexpectantly from your home.

Sydney-siders have seen a stark reminder of how quickly your living situation can be turned upside down in the past months with the sad news of Mascot Towers. For the unfamiliar, Mascot Towers is a residential building located just next to the Mascot train station.

On June 14th Engineers ordered residents to evacuate their homes due to concern over the rapid deterioration of the building and it’s supporting structures. No-one is really taking much responsibility and while big companies and government officials pass the blame, residents are left hanging in the balance, forced to find temporary accommodation solutions.

While finding somewhere to sleep is one thing, saving your possessions from the sinking building and actually having somewhere affordable to store them is another.

But it’s not just engineering faults that can wreak havoc. Flooding, fires and damage from natural disasters, should one ever pass through Sydney, can quickly leave your home uninhabitable and any salvaged belongings vulnerable.

So, how can SpacePAL help? We’re glad you asked!

Our on-demand Sydney storage service is a flexible, affordable and convenient way to quickly get your most valued belongings into storage should you ever have to evacuate your house or apartment.

By offering by the box storage options, you can choose to store just one box or more with SpacePAL and you’ll only pay for the space you actually use. That means there’s no need to hire an entire expensive storage unit if you only have a few boxes of essentials you want to keep secure while you’re in temporary accommodation.

When storing with SpacePAL, there’s also no need to be lugging your belongings across the city to a storage unit or even trying to stuff them into the corner of your temporary accommodation. We do all the heavy lifting for you and collect your boxes for storage from your home. We even deliver your picks from our range of high quality SpaceBOXES to your door for free for you to pack your items into then return at a later date to pick them up.

Using SpacePAL couldn’t be easier. Simply download our app, choose from our range of boxes and have them delivered. When you’re all packed up, book a time in the app that you want us to return and we’ll be back to collect your storage boxes and take them to our secure storage facility. When you’re ready, we re-deliver the boxes you select to your new address.

We keep things flexible so can work with you and any approved access times if your home or apartment building has restricted access in the event of a disaster.

Your entire account is managed in the app so you get a clear picture of the costs and can even use our storage catalogue to track what you’ve checked in to storage. This allows you to have just one or two boxes delivered to you at a time if you ever need to grab something from storage without having all of your boxes returned.

If you have any questions about using SpacePAL, feel free to give us a call. We’re always available to help and want to do everything we can to help out during troubling times! Download our app now to get started or get in touch at support@spacepal.com.au.