Monday, August 27, 2018

Kids Room Storage Solutions: Give Your Family Room to Grow

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Give Your Family Room to Grow

It’s always an exciting time welcoming a new family member into the fold but any parent will tell you, little babies take up a lot of space. There’s the books and bibs, bottles and blankets, all of which they seem to grow out of in a matter of minutes.

The temptation is to throw everything away. Stop! What if you decide to have another child one day? Baby stuff is super expensive and giving it away or throwing it out is not the best idea. You can have the best of both worlds; prepare for baby number two, three or four and still keep the valuable space in your apartment under control.

So rather than giving over your living room to boxes of baby gear while you wait for you next bub, we have a better solution.

SpacePAL is the most convenient way to store away your baby bits and reclaim the space in your home. Give your family room to grow with our pay-by-the-box storage service. We’ll conveniently pick up your storage from your home and redeliver it whenever you need so you can relax with the kids.

Here are a few easy tips to get started storing your baby items…

Sort baby clothes by size and pack them into small SpaceBOXES accordingly. That way, when baby number two comes along, you can have your boxes redelivered one-by-one as you need a certain size of clothing.

Your next SpaceBOX should be filled with left over nappies that bub has grown out of and extra bedding, blankets and burp cloths. Pop your old bottles, breast pump and feeding gear into another to keep everything organised.

You can easily keep track of what you’ve packed into each box with our Online Storage Catalogue. Using our app, just snap a picture of your items and assign them to the unique barcode on each of your boxes. Simple!

Next, turn to your own wardrobe. Our port-a-robe option makes it easy to hang all of your maternity wear into a box without the frustrating hours spent folding and unfolding to make them fit into a box. Next time you’re pregnant, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by not having to replace everything.

With SpacePAL, you can even store bulkier items that don’t fit into our range of SpaceBOX sizes like strollers, bouncers, car seats and carriers. All you need is the original box the item came in, or one of your own, and you can use our SpaceTAGs to check them in and track them in your Online Storage Catalogue.

Create a calm and inviting space for your family by decluttering and storing your old baby gear with SpacePAL. Get started today by downloading our app on Google or IOS and book a time for our SpacePORTER to drop off your free SpaceBOXES - Just click here.