Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Four Ways SpacePAL Saves Money on Your Self-Storage

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Four Ways SpacePAL Saves Money on Your Self-Storage

Self-storage and Sydney go hand-in-hand. With small apartments, tight terrace houses, and expensive office spaces leaving little room to store your extra belongings, many Sydney-siders and business owners turn to self-storage options to stop their home or office from overflowing with bits and pieces they don’t use daily but don’t want to part with.

The problem is, with apartment and office rental prices already pretty high in Sydney, the added costs of traditional storage options can be hard to bear.

That’s why we created a better option that helps you save on your storage costs while fitting in with your busy lifestyle.

We’re the more affordable storage Sydney deserves. Here’s how…

1. Our high-quality boxes are provided FREE!

We won’t let you get caught in the trap of buying expensive packing boxes from traditional storage companies. We have a huge range of SpaceBOX sizes that are yours for FREE when you book via our app. They’re perfect for storing a large range of items and you can customise your order based on what you have to store.

Our boxes even come with handy guides to help you make sure they’re securely closed and your storage is protected. And, when you’re done with your SpaceBOXES, we’ll either re-use or recycle them for you to help protect our planet.

2. We only charge you for storage space you actually use

Whether you’ve got one box or more to store, we only charge a small monthly fee per box that you put into storage. That way, you’re not paying for an entire storage unit or mobile pod that you’ll never actually fill up.

The same goes for those bulky items like sporting equipment and suitcases or your own storage boxes that you’re storing with SpacePAL. We use Storage TAGS that can be ordered in our app and attached to your items to help keep track of them while in storage. You simply pay a small monthly fee to store each of your items with a Storage Tag the same way you do when storing in our SpaceBOXES.

3. We’ll collect your boxes for FREE from over 100 In-Zone Sydney suburbs

It’s not just the cost of trekking to a storage unit in your precious spare time we’ll save you. It’s also the wasted time and stress you can say goodbye to when storing with SpacePAL.

All you have to do is book a time that’s convenient for you in our app and one of our drivers will meet you at your home or office to collect your boxes and other items to take to our secure storage facility. It really is that easy!

4. We don’t have any lengthy lock-in contracts

We want SpacePAL to feel like an extension of your home or office, just like having an onsite storage locker, so we’ve made it super easy and super flexible to check-in, access, and check-out your storage.

You simply pay month-to-month and can have your stored boxes and items redelivered to your door anytime you choose. If you take your boxes out of storage, you won’t have to continue paying for space you’re not using.

To get started using our affordable storage, simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play and pop your details in to create an account. If you ever need help we’ve got a range of FAQ's here to help you make the most of SpacePAL.