Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Self-Storage Solutions That Will Revolutionise Your Hot Desking Office

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It’s the way of the working future and hot desking has quickly become the preferred way for businesses of all sizes to fully utilise their office spaces.

Not sure what hot desking is? Rather than sitting in the same spot every day, employees have the freedom to move around and sit wherever they want to for that day. As more people begin to work from home, it’s no longer necessary to pay for a desk space that isn’t getting used five days of the week. Instead, more employees are able to utilise their office space over the course of the week without the business having to expand. Business owners can operate within a smaller office space and have to buy less office equipment. In other words, hot desking saves a lot of money.

While it comes with plenty of advantages, both to business owners and employees, it’s not without its challenges. Of course, anyone who’s worked in an office will be familiar with the amount of stuff that accumulates at a desk.

And it’s not just personal items that seem to stack up. Work product, seasonal marketing materials, files that need to be kept without getting used every day, they all need somewhere to live. When you don’t have a permanent desk and on-site storage space is limited, it gets a bit tricky.

So, if your office has taken to the hot desking trend, we’ve got four ways to make life a little easier in the workplace.

1. SpacePAL only charge per box or item. When you’ve only got a couple of boxes worth of things to store, paying for an entire storage locker is crazy! With our low monthly fees, you can store one box or store more without leaving your home or office.

2. We collect your storage from your office and can have it delivered anywhere you choose. There’s no need to haul things around the city or have piles build up around your home. If you need your promotional gear at an upcoming event, just book its redelivery via our app and input the Sydney address, we’ll take it directly there for you. All you have to do is meet us to collect it.

3. We provide temporary checkout options so you can select a specific box or boxes via the app and just grab the few things you need without having to get all of your storage returned. To save time, our friendly team member will wait while you grab what you want or we can come back over the next few days to take your storage back to our secure facility when you’re done with it.

4. Our turnaround times are quick and flexible! You won’t have to wait until the weekend or the next available time slot that’s a few weeks away. With SpacePAL, we collect and redeliver your storage as early as the next day and even have after hours or same day options available.

The best part is, everything is managed at the tap of an app. It’s like having your storage on hand in your pocket everywhere you go! Search ‘spacepal’ at your app store and download the house with a smiley face to get started. Any questions? Click here: