Sunday, February 10, 2019

Four Easy Space Saving Ideas for Apartments

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Four Easy Space Saving Ideas for Apartments

Apartment living gives Sydneysiders the chance to enjoy all of the conveniences of modern city life. Unfortunately, space can get a little tight and we’re all looking for easy changes we can make to save space in our apartments without having to give up the things we love.

So, here are four of the easiest space-saving hacks that can transform your city life to give you back the freedom to enjoy your space!

The best part? With these tips and SpacePAL’s revolutionary no hassle on-demand storage service, you can conveniently store excess items with us without lengthy trips to storage lockers, paying for a whole mobile pod when you only have a few items.

#1 Organise Your Wardrobe to Suit the Seasons

Wardrobes are a pain point for many apartment dwellers with most struggling to fit the clothes of just one person let alone those who have to share with a partner. The first and most obvious trick is to cull old clothes that you don’t wear, that no longer fit or are in a state of disrepair.

The second thing to do is separate your wardrobe into three seasons: hot weather, cold weather and year-round. Your hot weather section will include things like swimmers, kaftans, shorts and sandals you only wear in Summer. Likewise, the cold weather section is for coats, heavy jackets, sweaters and boots that are better suited to Winter. Year-round clothes are just that, clothes that you wear all year such as corporate wear.  

When the weather starts to cool down, you should store away your hot weather section to give you more space for Winter gear. Similarly, when it begins to heat up again, you can get your Summer gear out of storage and swap it for your cold weather wardrobe.

It’s also a good idea to pop occasional wear, such as formal suits and gowns, into storage. With SpacePAL’s temporary checkout option, you’ll be able to get your clothing back in time for an upcoming event or to swap over your clothes at the change of the season and have it picked back up and returned to storage.

#2 Make Use of Furniture with Storage Capabilities

That space under your bed, coffee table, couch and even ottoman can be put to better use thanks to smart furniture that incorporates storage space. They’re perfect for popping away extra blankets, pillows, books, shoes and even electronics.

If you don’t have the budget to replace your furniture though, don’t worry. There are plenty of storage baskets and tubs that are designed to slide under your bed or couch. They make the best storage for kids toys in their bedrooms or play area and ensure bulky shoes are out of the way in your bedroom.

Our top tip? Take a photo of the contents and tape it to the front of the box so you don’t have to slide it out to remember what’s inside.

#3 Only Keep Essential Cooking Tools in The Kitchen

Although you may love to roast a ham at Christmas or whip up a stew in the slow cooker every once in a while, keeping the bulky wares used to cook these meals in the kitchen year-round isn’t practical. Why waste that valuable pantry space on a juicer that only gets used in Summer?

Instead, be realistic about the appliances and cooking wares you actually use and keep only these in the kitchen. It makes it a lot easier to access your equipment without having to navigate overflowing cupboards with stray Tupperware lids and tangled cords.

The good news is you don’t have to throw away your expensive appliances just because you don’t use them daily. By storing them, you can still keep alive your dreams of one day making your own pasta or baking a loaf in your bread maker. SpacePAL’s pay storage by-the-box options are perfect for when you only have a few things to store so you won’t be wasting a whole mobile pod or inconvenient storage locker on crockpots and colanders.

#4 Be Smarter About How You Use Your Garage Space

If you’re lucky enough to snag an apartment with a garage, you’d be crazy to let it go to waste housing boxes that you’ve never unpacked, tools you rarely use and bikes you occasionally ride.

Installing sturdy, overhead racks is a good way to get items off the floor. They’re available in varying heights so you can choose your best fit depending on both your car and garage ceiling height. Another easy way to make the space to get your car back into the garage is to hang tools and sporting equipment onto the wall using hooks and speciality racks.

If you struggle to fit anything into your garage with your car inside, you can always use a SpacePAL Utility Box or choose from our range of Lifestyle Items to put a few things into storage.

If you’re ready to make the most of our space-saving ideas, download SpacePAL’s APP and create an account. From there, you’ll be able to book the delivery of your FREE SpaceBOXES for storing with SpacePAL so you can pack your items straight into them! We’ll then collect them and take to our storage facility when you’re ready. When it’s as easy as that, what are your waiting for - Just click here.