Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Storage Solution That Saved a Relationship

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At SpacePAL, we pride ourselves on solving common problems Sydneysiders face when it comes to their modern city lifestyles. But one problem we didn’t expect to be solving were relationship dramas until we met Sam and Lucy.

Sam and Lucy are young and in love, both work in Sydney’s CBD and just bought their first apartment together on the city fringe. What was supposed to be a happy and exciting time quickly became tiresome when they realised just how difficult it is to move two households into one.

For starters, they had two of just about everything. Two toasters, two sets of pots and pans, two of everything in the linen cupboard, even two sets of Christmas trees and decorations. Neither was too keen to give away their prized possessions.

Then there was Sam’s bike, which drove Lucy mad every time she tripped over it in the hallway. And don’t even get Sam started on Lucy’s overflowing wardrobe and the racks of items she rarely wore but wanted to keep.

As young and busy Sydneysiders, Sam and Lucy also like to keep active, regularly hitting the beach for a surf on the weekends between their busy social schedules.

The couple needed to find a storage option but baulked at the prices of mobile pods and fixed storage units they wouldn’t be able to fill. Plus, schlepping their way across town every time they wanted to grab something out of storage wasn’t how they wanted to spend their weekends.

That’s where SpacePAL came to the rescue!

Instead of fighting over who got to keep what, Sam and Lucy downloaded our app and ordered the free SpaceBOXES they needed to pack their extra stuff.

Their doubled-up appliances and soft furnishings fit perfectly into two of our EverydayBOXES, and Lucy used a Porta ROBE to declutter her wardrobe. Sam was able to store his bike in one of our BikeBOXES and over Winter they can store their surfboards using our ID TAG system to track their storage.

We met them at their apartment one afternoon after work to deliver the boxes and returned a few days later when they booked via the app to take everything to our secure storage facility.

After a few successful and happy months living together, Sam and Lucy utilised our Retire My Storage feature when they decided they weren’t going to need that extra toaster or set of cookware. They chose the box that was filled with the doubled-up items from their storage catalogue and had us donate it to charity on their behalf.

Now, whenever Sam wants to go for a bike ride, Lucy needs a Winter coat or the pair decide to catch a few waves, they can book the re delivery of any of their items at a time that suits them via the app.

For Sam and Lucy, it’s been an easy and affordable way to make the most of their new apartment together and has saved a few arguments along the way!

If you want to see how SpacePAL’s storage service can work for you and your apartment, get in touch or download our app to get started.