Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Simple Box Storage Solution for Your Pop-Up Shop - SpacePAL

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As the face of bricks-and-mortar retail continues to decline, pop-up shops have increased in popularity but running one comes with two significant drawbacks, and they both revolve around space. 

Firstly, storerooms for excess stock are few and far between, especially in larger shopping complexes where permanent retailers are fighting for space. Without the option of a back room, so many pop-up shop owners are forced to keep small amounts of stock and risk missing out on sales because they're sold out. That or they rent expensive storage lockers and spend what little spare time they have trekking to the locker to replenish their stock levels.

Then you have to consider what happens to the stock when owners are between locations and waiting for their next pop-up experience. Downtime between appearances is inevitable and often necessary for a small business and who wants racks of clothing or boxes of product taking up valuable space in an expensive Sydney apartment?

But we wouldn’t be telling you all of this if we didn’t already have a solution to the problem. The answer is simple: SpacePAL!

We’re passionate about helping Sydneysiders live the life they love by creating an affordable self-storage option that’s all about lifestyle. Pop-up shop owners no longer have to worry about over-paying for lockers that are hard to get to, and they don't need to give up their home to excess stock.

Instead, our quick and convenient storage service allows them to seamlessly run their pop-up while always have stock safely stored and accessible at the tap of an app. Here's how it works:

When you store with SpacePAL, you only pay per box or item that you store. You can order our free SpacePAL boxes, that come in a variety of sizes, to be delivered to you to pack, or you can choose to utilise our Storage TAG system if your stock is already in boxes. 

Our prices are transparent, so you'll know exactly how much your storage will cost each month, and you'll only pay for the space you use. 

But that’s not even the best part. With SpacePAL, you can store one box or store more without leaving your home or office! We collect your storage boxes and items for free and take them to our secure facility. Using our app, you can book a collection with our Driver at a time that suits you, and because they're such hard workers, you can even choose an after-hours collection, perfect for when you're hard at work during the day. 

When you need your storage back, you simply book its redelivery in the app, and we'll have it back to you in no time, even if it’s just one box. You can select to redeliver as much or as little of your storage as you want with the tap of the app.

Within our app, you'll also find our storage catalogue that lets you track exactly what's in each of your stored boxes. Not only will you always know what's in storage, but you can also choose the boxes from your catalogue that you need to restock and book for those to redelivered back to you – we can even take your storage directly to your pop-up shop! 

It’s the on-demand storage option that not only saves money but saves you time, stress and your precious Sydney space! So, what are you waiting for? Download our app now to get started.