Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Practical Guide to Listing Your Property on Airbnb

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A Practical Guide to Listing Your Property on Airbnb

There’s no denying it, Sydney space is expensive. That’s why more and more people are trying out house sharing and online hosting marketplaces such as Airbnb.

There are the obvious benefits to renting out your home, like extra income and your mortgage being covered when you’re going on holidays, but there’s also the security of having people looking after your home while you’re on an extended break. And, if you’re renting out just a room on Airbnb, you open your world up to an injection of new cultures, meeting new people from across the world and the chance to share our incredible city.

If it’s something you’ve been considering but you’re not sure where to start. Follow our easy guide to prepare your house for hosting.

Remove your valuables from your home

Airbnb values the security of your home and they do their best to ensure only genuine and trustworthy users join the service. Even though you get to scope out your renters before they arrive, it’s still a good idea to pack away your valuable items for the duration of their stay. That includes things like jewellery, laptops, breakable ornaments and glassware or anything else that holds sentimental value.

SpacePAL pairs perfectly with the temporary storage needed to rent out your home, with no lengthy lock-in contracts and the ability to store belongings and get them back quickly. Your valuables will be securely stowed in our storage facility and you can organise to have them delivered back to your home as soon as your renters leave.

Pack away your personal items

You want to keep your house or apartment looking homely, but renters don’t want to see your kids’ artworks on the fridge or endless photo frames filled with snaps for your last holiday. You don’t need to do a complete wipe out of your items, just wrap up things that are in common spaces or high traffic areas in your home and pop them into their own SpaceBOX, so you can easily have it redelivered when you’re back home.

You can purchase extra packaging such as packing paper, bubble wrap and silica dry cells from SpacePAL that help to ensure the safety of your valuables during storage.

Make space in the wardrobes

Your guests will need somewhere to put their belongings so it’s a good idea to empty out your wardrobe. Sounds like a big task, right? Thankfully, SpacePAL offer port-a-robes that allow you to hang clothing directly onto a rack inside the box then seal it up. There’s no folding, no squashing things into suitcases and no chance of your clothes getting damaged.

Keep the kitchen minimal

One of the biggest perks to Airbnb guests who are staying for a few days or more is use of the kitchen, so you need to make sure it’s functional and easy to keep tidy. Sort your necessary cooking equipment from your extra gadgets and gizmos and pack the latter into a SpaceBOX to be taken to storage.

It’s the smartest storage Sydney has ever seen, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Just download our APP on iOS or Android and book the delivery of your free SpaceBOXES. Click here to download the app from Google or IOS and get started.