Sydney’s easiest storage.  We drop off FREE boxes for you to pack, then return to collect and store what you need, all through the SpacePAL App


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We thought outside the box to bring you SpacePAL – a user-friendly storage solution in Sydney that is app-driven, simple to use and flexible

Storage is now convenient and easy.  We come to you to pick up, securely store and return the boxes you need. Use the SpacePAL App to order delivery of your FREE boxes to pack, and then to book a pick-up of the boxes you need stored. Keep track of the contents of all your boxes – when you are ready you can select the stored boxes you need us to return to you.  Don’t pay for an entire storage unit – you can store as little as one carton with SpacePAL.

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Discover Sydney’s smartest storage solution that’s better than self storage.
DOWNLOAD OUR APP and arrange for us to drop off your FREE storage boxes and then have us pick up of the boxes you need to have stored.  We also store your own boxes.  You can even create a photo catalogue of your stored items so you never forget what you have in stored in each box.

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Three Easy Steps

Start by downloading our app. Arrange for us to drop-off your FREE boxes to pack. Or, if you are storing your own boxes, we will deliver you ID Tags to attach so we can use our clever track n trace technology.

SpacePAL - We Pick Up



Pack and use our app to book your storage Check-IN.  We will scan-in and collect your cartons to store and transport to our secure local storage facility.

Try our ONE STOP Check-IN option if you need us to drop off Barcoded ID TAGS to attach to your own cartons, and then collect them to store in one visit. 

FREE Storage Collection (in-zone)

SpacePAL - We Store



Store one carton or more for as little as 50c a week with SpacePAL By-the Box Storage – we only charge storage per carton so you don’t have to pay for a whole storage unit. Neat huh?

We also provide complimentary damage and loss protection of up to $150 per stored carton.

Store from as little as 50c a WEEK

SpacePAL - We Return



Use our app to SELECT the cartons you need to be returned from storage.  We will deliver these back to you.

Try our Temporary Check-OUT option if you only need a stored carton returned for a short period for contents retrieval or repacking.  We will return to collect for storage.

Same Day Check-OUT Option

FREE Storage Collection (in-zone)

Store from as little as 50c a WEEK

Same Day Check-OUT Option

Why Use SpacePAL?

We tick all the boxes compared to traditional storage options

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SpacePAL By The Box Storage Across Sydney

Storage Reinvented

SpacePAL is the smarter storage solution for modern high-density living and business. We’ve reinvented on-demand storage to de-clutter people’s busy lives with an effortless door-to-door service that’s convenient, flexible, and affordable. Individuals, families and businesses in high density areas can now organise their lives without having to ditch the things they love…or even leave the house.